Want to get your product catalog in order?

Akeneo PIM by Tages Jump and Akeneo is an integrated system for storing and enriching your product information
Centralized data storage
Reduced cost of creating and updating product descriptions
Integrated system to store media content linked to products
Up-to-date information rapidly uploaded for use in any channels

Akeneo PIM can solve all of these problems

Do you manage your products using multiple ERP systems, 1C or MS Excel?
Are there incomplete or perhaps even missing product data?
Does entering a new market take so much time your competitors always get there first?
Do you face errors and delays when exporting data to a marketplace?

A digital solution for product information management

What is a PIM?
PIM offers one place to collect, manage and enrich the information on your products
It enables you to create a product catalog and share it across different sales and e-commerce channels. No more CRM, spreadsheets or PDFs!
You collect and store all product information in a single system. Data export becomes a matter of several clicks, cutting time to market by 80%.

PIM for enterprise

Merchandising of a new item and its preparation for sale happen several times faster, leading to 80% faster time to market and entry of new markets.

Reduced time to market

Akeneo PIM improves conversion rates by making better and more complete product information available, ensuring better indexing by search engines and visibility online.

Higher conversion rate

Product returns are a serious problem. Providing high-quality information about the products and product experience can reduce product returns. In calculating the profitability of system deployment, clients opting for Akeneo PIM expect 10% fewer returns.

Fewer product returns

Akeneo PIM offers great opportunities for cooperation that enable a smaller number of employees to enrich product data faster.

Effective information enrichment

It is easy to start working with direct supply systems and set up new e-commerce platforms with Akeneo PIM.

Easy catalog expansion

Akeneo PIM allows you to increase the number of sales channels, organize product data and distribute them to any channel, from voice assistants to marketplaces and offline stores.

More sales channels

Benefits of PIM

Suitable for and adaptable to any market segment (construction, retail, food tech, fintech, AdTech, pharma, electronics and appliances, etc.)


As fast as 3 weeks, under optimal conditions


Leader according to the IDC MarketScape rating for 2019-20


The product catalog is easy to expand and export for use with any channels


Akeneo PIM has been implemented by over 70,000 business owners globally


We take on all the processes, from deployment and support to training your IT team


Intuitive user interface


Fully open API, a vast ecosystem


Who needs a PIM & why?

Senior executives

Faster time to market
Lower expenses due to product returns and errors
Minimal room for human error
Higher profits
Better competitive edge

Commercial Director / Director of Marketing / Content Manager

Up-to-date information rapidly uploaded for use in any channels: printed forms, websites, etc.
Convenient analytics
User experience
Personalized content
Rapid entry into new markets
Less time and human resources needed to create new product descriptions and correct the existing catalog
Media content stored in one integrated system and tied to products

IT Director

Security. All the data reside within the company’s security loop
Additional resources for support and updating from the integrator
Ability to implement custom solutions
Rapid deployment. The cloud service already has the system installed, so it is ready for use
Minimum maintenance. All the data reside in the cloud, so no additional IT capacities are needed
Support and updates are the responsibility of Tages Jump and Akeneo
On-premises (server-based):
SaaS (cloud-based):
Fast product launches

Tages Jump is a certified Silver Partner of Akeneo in Russia

Implementing a PIM
Our services span the implementation, support and updating of Akeneo PIM.
You formulate a task, and we develop a PIM-based solution
Our clients using Akeneo PIM:

PIM solutions

PIM On-Premise

On-premises PIM is for those after a customized solution, NDA and a flexible approach to development (large businesses):
Private server
All data stored internally
Extensive customization
Personalized approach


SaaS PIM is for those interested in a rapid launch with minimal resources (medium-sized enterprises):
Ready-made solution on a cloud service
Fast launch
All the data reside in the cloud and require no additional IT capacities
No support and updating needed
Fixed monthly payment

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Personal data processing policy

1. General provisions

This personal data processing policy is compiled in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006, “On Personal Data” and defines the procedure for personal data processing and the measures to ensure personal data security taken by Tages Jump OOO (hereinafter, the Operator).

1.1. The Operator sets as its most important goal and condition for carrying out its activities the observance of the rights and freedoms of the person and the citizen when processing his or her personal data, including the protection of the rights to privacy, personal and family secrets.

1.2. This personal data processing policy of the Operator (hereinafter, the Policy) applies to all information the Operator may acquire regarding the visitors of the website https://pim.tagesjump.ru.

2. Basic terms used in the Policy

2.1. Automated personal data processing refers to the processing of personal data by computational means.

2.2. Personal data blocking refers to a suspension of personal data processing (except in cases where the processing is necessary to clarify personal data).

2.3. The website refers to the set of graphic and information materials, as well as the computer and database software that ensure those materials’ availability online at https://pim.tagesjump.ru.

2.4. The personal data information system refers to the entire set of personal data contained in the databases, and the information technologies and technical means that enable their processing.

2.5. Personal data depersonalization refers to actions that result in it being impossible to attribute personal data to a specific User or other personal data subject without the use of additional information.

2.6. Personal data processing refers to any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed with respect to personal data, with or without the use of automation tools. This includes collecting, recording, systematizing, accumulating, storing, clarifying (updating, modifying), extracting, using, transferring (disseminating, making available, accessing), depersonalizing, blocking, deleting, destroying personal data.

2.7. The Operator refers to the state body, municipal body, legal entity, or individual that, independently or jointly with other persons, organizes and/or carries out personal data processing, as well as determining the purposes of personal data processing, the scope of personal data to be processed, and the actions (operations) performed with respect to the personal data.

2.8. Personal data refers to any information directly or indirectly related to an identified or identifiable User of the website https://pim.tagesjump.ru.

2.9. The User refers to any visitor of the website https://pim.tagesjump.ru.

2.10. Personal data provision refers to actions aimed at disclosing personal data to a certain person or a certain set of people.

2.11. Personal data dissemination refers to any actions aimed at disclosing personal data to an indefinite circle of persons (personal data transfer) or at familiarization of an unlimited circle of persons with personal data, including publishing personal data in mass media outlets, placing personal data in information and telecommunications networks, or providing access to personal data in any other way.

2.12. Cross-border personal data transfer refers to a transfer of personal data abroad (to foreign state territory) to a foreign state authority, a foreign individual, or a foreign legal entity. 

2.13. Personal data destruction refers to any actions that result in personal data being permanently destroyed in the personal data information system with no possibility of personal data content being recovered, and/or the material carriers of personal data being destroyed.

3. The Operator may process the following personal data of the User:

3.1. First name, last name, and patronymic.

3.2. Email address.

3.3. Phone numbers.

3.4. Resume.

3.5. Collection and processing of depersonalized data relating to the website’s visitors (including cookies) also occurs via internet statistics services (Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics, and others).

3.6. The above data are encompassed in the following text of the Policy by the general term personal data.

4. Purposes of personal data processing

4.1. The purpose of processing the personal data of the User is to inform the User by email.

4.2. The Operator also has the right to notify the User of new products and services, special offers, and various events. The User can always refuse to receive notices by sending an email to the Operator at tagesjump@gmail.com marked “Refusal to receive notices of new products and services, and special offers.”

4.3. Depersonalized User data collected via internet statistics services serve to collect information about User actions on the website, with the object of improving the quality of the website and its content.

5. Legal basis for personal data processing

5.1. The Operator only processes User personal data that the User himself or herself filled out and/or submitted via the dedicated online forms at https://pim.tagesjump.ru. By filling out the forms in question and/or submitting his or her personal data to the Operator, the User expresses consent to this Policy.

5.2. The Operator processes depersonalized User data if this is allowed in the User’s browser settings (the storage of cookies and the use of JavaScript technology are enabled).

6. Procedure for collecting, storing, transferring and other types of personal data processing

The security of the personal data processed by the Operator is ensured by taking legal, organizational, and technical measures necessary to fully comply with the requirements of the current legislation in the field of personal data protection.

6.1. The operator ensures personal data safety and takes all possible measures to preclude access to the personal data of unauthorized persons.

6.2. User personal data shall never and under no circumstances be transferred to third parties, except in cases related to fulfilling the current legislation.

6.3. If personal data are found to contain inaccuracies, the User can update them on his or her own by sending a notice to the Operator, to be reached at the Operator’s email address tagesjump@gmail.com, marked “Updating of personal data”.

6.4. The period for personal data processing is unlimited. The User can withdraw his or her consent to personal data processing at any time by sending a notice to the Operator, to be reached at the Operator’s email address tagesjump@gmail.com, marked “Withdrawal of consent to personal data processing”.

7. Cross-border transfer of personal data

7.1. Before initiating a cross-border transfer of personal data, the Operator shall make sure that the foreign state to whose territory the personal data transfer is to be carried out provides reliable protection of the rights of personal data subjects.

7.2. A cross-border transfer of personal data to the territory of foreign states that do not meet the above requirements can only be carried out if the personal data subject has expressed consent to the cross-border transfer of his or her personal data in writing and/or if executing an agreement to which the personal data subject is a party.

8. Final provisions

8.1. The User can receive any clarifications on issues of interest that pertain to the processing of his or her personal data by contacting the Operator via email at tagesjump@gmail.com.

8.2. This document will reflect any changes to the Operator’s personal data processing policy. The Policy is valid indefinitely until replaced by a new version.

8.3. The current version of the Policy is freely available on the internet at https://pim.tagesjump.ru.